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About Us

Specializing in Aromatherapy and

Natural Skin Care Products.



Herbal Spa harnesses natures most powerful elements offering you a more natural and holistic way of life. 



Most people are unaware of what they put on their skin. Truth is large companies prefer quantity over quality, introducing chemicals that benefits them in reducing cost and not the consumer with a healthy quality product in mind.

All Natural Natural vs Synthetics

All of our products are derived or obtained from nature without any human intervention. It's a healthier option offering no artificial colours or preservatives. Synthetic substances were made by humans changing the chemical structures of a substance that is not found in nature. The risk's are that some products can contain carcinogenic material, chemical preservatives, parabens, harsh detergents and often tested on animal.

60% What we put on our skin, our body absorbs.

We offer a more natural approach to skin care products offering a long list of benefits beyond great looking skin. By applying unprocessed, whole food ingredients on to the skin; you're absorbing antioxidants, enhancing your skin's UV resistance, and stimulating the immune system.

Holistic Approach for your overall well being

Many essential oils can be supportive to the immune system, moods, skin, muscles and more. Many can be relaxing, uplifting, enhance clarity of thought and support emotional well being. Each essential oil contains several hundred different kinds of molecules, each of which offers benefits in promoting good health, healing and regeneration. The more oils we use, the healthier we get.



We want to focus our energy on you, not only by providing you a healthy option for your overall well being but also your questions and concerns. We know our products from front to back, giving all the answers you need and a open line of communication at all times with our 24 hour customer support feature online. Our satisfaction comes from you feeling like a valued customer.



Here at Herbal Spa, we strive to offer you the finest quality in all of our natural products just how nature intended it. When choosing our brand you will have peace in mind knowing we work with the best in the industry to provide consistent quality and maintain fresh products to you every time.