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Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10ml

The health benefits of Eucalyptus essential oil is diverse and one of the most powerful forms of natural medicine. Eucalyptus carries properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and much more. The cooling aroma Eucalyptus oil emits has a refreshing effect on the body. People who suffer from stress or mental disorders utilize the oil to stimulate mental activity and blood vessels by allowing more blood to circulate. More blood flow to the brain is a healthier brain.

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus globulus 
Main Constituents: 1, 8-Cineole 60.7% 
Plant Part: Wood and Leaves 
Origin: India 
Processing Method: Steam Distilled
      • Helps with Nasal Congestion, Bronchitis & Sinusiti
      • Treats Lice & Skin Infections
      • Stimulated Mental Activity
      • Muscle Relaxer
      • Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

      Type: Essential Oils

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