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Wintergreen Essential Oil 10ml

Wintergreen oil is extracted from the leaves of the Galutheria Procumbens evergreen plant. The oil is mostly made up of methyl salicylate, which promotes healing and health promoting properties. It is also known for is pain relieving affects. The methyl salicylate will penetrate into the skin and to numb the affected area. However, this may prove useful, since this is wintergreen in its purest form, it can be very toxic to body even diluted on the skin. Never ingest this product as it can fatal to adults. Please use in moderation and test the area of the skin for any skin reaction.

Botanical Name: Gaultheria fragrantissima Wall 
Main Constituents: Methyl salicylate 97.40% 
Plant Part: Leaves 
Origin: Nepal 
Processing Method: Steam Distilled

      • Helps fights disease causing inflammation
      • Helps with pain relief 
      • Reduces swelling and irritation
      • Improves alertness and senses
      • Helps treat colds and fevers 

      Type: Essential Oils

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